The overview and the feature of the VC-2100



The VC-2100 Vibration Comparator is a high-performance signal processor which allows you to make the level judgment by vibration values, detect mechanical failures, and check vibration level by inputting the output signal from an accelerometer. It also enables to check the vibration sound by connecting the headphone. Also, the AC voltage signal for FFT analysis and the DC voltage output for the record can be outputted at the same time. By selecting and using various functions such as the 2-band (frequency band) simultaneous digital processing function of the vibration frequency band, the VC-2100 Vibration Comparator can be processed the measurement with high accuracy without being affected by external environmental conditions.


In addition, when used together with the exclusive accelerometer NP-3331 and other accelerometers (NP-3000 series) from ONO SOKKI, the VC-2100 Vibration Comparator allows measurement with higher accuracy.





Simultaneous 2-band judgment

When you setup 2-band (frequency band), it is possible to make the judgment at the effective value and peak value for each band.


Digital display function

Displays the vibration values in both numerals and bar graph on the screen.


Analog output

The AC signal and DC signal are simultaneously output. (It is possible to use connect analyzers such as FFT analyzer or the recorder.)


Gate input

Used for the automatic judgment such as the pass/fail judgment of products on the production line by connecting the external control device such as PLC.


Available for the headphone connection

The vibration sound can be checked by connecting the commercial headphones. In addition, each phenomenon is divided to each setup band and available for checking individually.


Comparator operation delay time setting

If the vibration exceeds the judgment level and it lasts longer than setup time, the comparator output is made. (The cancellation is available for the human errors, for example the operator hits the sensor with a tool by mistake.)


Compact size with DIN 96 mm × 96 mm, the control panel integration is in consideration.



The overview of the connectable devices to the VC-2100


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