Operating procedure of setting up

This is an initial setting procedure. Although there is a way to set up from the function button fixed to the front panel, this is the setting procedure from the menu.


Outline of the setting procedure


1. Preparation for the device

Connect the accelerometer and each signal line to the back terminal area. There is no power switch for the VC-2100. Please notice the device will automatically turn on when you connect to the wire.

2. Sensor sensitivity setting

Set up the sensor sensitivity based on the inspection sheet to the accelerometer. For example 5.00 mV/ms-2.

3. Input range setting

Set up the measurement mode into PEAK or PEAK HOLD. Select the range of 50 to 60% which the bar indicator is not to over.

4. Frequency zone (Band pass) setting

Set up the frequency for the band pass to find the necessary signal.

5. Vibration measurement

Select the measurement mode to make it easy to read the vibration value.

6. Comparator level setting

Select suitable level decision based on the measurement vibration value.

7. Perform the decision.


Please refer to the simple operation procedure (PDF) in details.


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