What is the feature of the RP-1700 series?
The RP-1700 series which remodeled the successful the RP-110 and the RP-130 series has following features.

1. Strong structure, excellent impact resistance, shaft load resistance.

Vibration resistance: 98m/ s2 (Axial direction for 4h, up/down/right/left for 2h each) Impact resistance: 980m/ s2 (Axial direction for 4h, up/down/right/left for 2h each) Allowable shaft load: Radial 80N, Thrust 50N

2. Bearing life extended 20 % (previous models comparison).

RP-110, RP-130 series: 97,000h (approx. 11 years) → RP-1700 : 116,000h (approx. 13 years)

3. Keep the setting compatible with the RP-110, the RP-130 series.

4. High resolution, wide range of pulse types (60 to 120,000 pulse, 61 types).

5. Improvement of the environmental performance resistance.

Applicable to CE marking and the noise resistance has been improved.

6. Selectable line driver output.


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