Why the sound level is displayed in large value compare to octave analysis by the LA-5111 or LA-5110?

It is considered that the large sound is generated when the frequency is 14.03 kHz or more.

When it is in octave analysis, the upper limit of center frequency 12.5 kHz band, maximum analysis band, is 14.03 kHz. On the other hand, a microphone can measure up to 20 kHz of sound level. Therefore, the sound level from 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency band is displayed.
In addition, the ALLPASS 1 value (refer to the following figure) which is simultaneously displayed when the octave analysis is operated is the same value as the sound level.


The sound analysis in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz can be operated when the AC output of the LA-5111 or LA-5110 sound level meter is connected to the FFT analyzer.

The LA-5111 and LA-5110 were discontinued and they are replaced by LA-5560 (discontinued model, replaced by LA-3560). The center frequency 20 kHz band (Upper limit frequency: 22.4 kHz) can be displayed in the octave analysis of the LA-5560 (discontinued, replaced by LA-3560).



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