How to attach a tripod and microphone extension cable

How to attach a tripod and microphone extension cable


The tripod and microphone extension cable are used when the acoustical influence should be reduced such as reflection sounds generated by the sound level meter or operator.


List of microphone extension cable


Sound level meter List of applicable microphone extension cable
LA-2560 Type 2 Sound level meter

LA-5570 Type 1 Sound level meter

AG-3301 5m
AG-3302 10m
AG-3303 20m
AG-3304 30m

AG-3305 100m with cord real

*MI-0301 holder is attached as a standard.

LA-1440 Class 2 Sound level meter

LA-4440 Class 1 Sound level meter

AG-2010 10m
AG-2030 30m


AG-2050 50m with real

AG-2100 100m with real

*MI-0301 holder is attached as a standard.

* MI-0301 Microphone holder is attached to the microphone extension cable as standard.

How to remove the pre-amplifier and attach the extension cable

1. Turn off the power of the sound level meter.

2. Turn the preamplifier fixing screw (for LA-2560/5560/5570) in a counterclockwise and slowly loosen it along the main unit side connector.

3. Or turn the BNC connector in a counterclockwise without removing BNC connecter screw (LA-1410/1440/4440 main unit side connector part) and fit it to the release position. Then slowly pull the preamplifier upwards to release it.

4. Attach the preamplifier along the connector of the microphone extension cable, and fix it by turning clockwise.


How to attach a tripod

To attach a tripod directly to the sound level meter main unit, mount the tripod with the tripod attachment screws that are provided at the rear of the main unit.


The screw at the bottom of the sound level meter is for a camera tripod. It is nominal "1/4" screw that complies with JIS B7103. (Screw for the sound level meter is female screw.)



Unit : mm

Nominal Number of screw threads (n) (per 25.4 mm) Pitch   Male screw Female screw
Outer diameter (d) Effective diameter Core diameter Core diameter D Effective diameter Inner diameter
1/4 20 1.270 Reference size 6.350 5.525 4.975 6.350 5.525 4.975
Maximum acceptable size 6.322 5.497 4.763 Not regulated 5.820 5.267
Minimum acceptable size 6.012 5.355 Not regulated 6.460 5.635 4.975
Allowance 0.310 0.142 --- --- 0.185 0.292


When attach the microphone or preamplifier apart from the main unit

1. Attach the microphone holder to the tripod.

2. Attach a preamplifier side connector of the extension cable to the microphone holder of the tripod.


*Please refer to our website for the outer dimensions.


*Please refer to our website for the outer dimensions.



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