Data Memory

Data memory

Overview of data memory

The sound level meter is provided with 2 types of data memory; the manual memory and the block memory. In the data memory, you can store data which are simultaneously measured (LA-1240/1250/1350: Leq/LE/LMAX/LX value, LA-4240/4350: Leq/LE/LMAX/LPK/LX) as one set in each memory address.



The data cannot be stored correctly when the built-in battery is completely discharged and the voltage is dropped down. Please charge the built-in battery before use.

The memory data and calendar are displayed wrong when the backup battery is consumed during storage. In this case, please restore them by clearing the memory data and resetting the calendar.


Overview of manual memory

The manual memory is equipped on the LA-1240/1250/1350/4350. The data is stored in an address when you press the panel switch [STORE] on the LA-1250/1350/4350. It is provided with 300 addresses, allowing storage of up to 300 sets of data.


Overview of block memory

The block memory is equipped on the LA-1250/1350/4350. The block memory is used for timer measurement. Each time the measurement is completed in timer measurement, the data is automatically stored in the block memory. The block memory includes 10 blocks and each block has 1440 addresses. The total number of addresses is 14400 and max.14400 sets of data which are continuously measured can be stored. The manual memory and the block memory are switched by pressing the panel switch [TIMER]. In this case, the manual memory is selected when timer measurement is OFF and the block memory is selected when timer measurement is ON.



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