Charging function of the built-in battery

The Sound Level Meter has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for memory backup and clock operation. This built-in battery retains the memory data and allows clock operation for approx. 1.5 months from full charged battery.


When you turn ON the power of the sound level meter, the built-in battery is automatically charged by the dry cell batteries or AC adapter. When using dry cell batteries or AC adapter, the built-in battery can fully charged in approx. 24 hours after power is turned on.

Immediately after purchasing, built-in battery may have completely discharged or may e charged to minimum degree. Be sure to fully charge the built-in battery to full capacity before use. The built-in battery is designed to endure approx. 1000 cycles of full charge to complete discharge. However, it is recommended that important data be printed out or transferred to a personal computer.



As for effects and damages resulting from failure of the sound level meter including the built-in battery, Ono Sokki is responsible only for repairing the defective product or replacing it with a normal one. Please note that Ono Sokki bears no responsibility for data loss occurrence by the defect of the built-in battery.

The memory data and calendar are displayed wrong when the backup battery is consumed during storage. In this case, restore them by clearing the memory and resetting the calendar.



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