When is the update timing of the BCD output for the gauge counter?

The update timing of the BCD output for the Ono Sokki's Digital Gauge Counters are classified into two types.


1. For the DG-4230/4340, the DG-5100 (BCD output: optional function) and the DG-4140 (discontinued)


The values are updated at regular intervals of time with the BCD output function.


When the counting value of the counter does not change, the BCD output data will be held. (The data is output not only at the update time and the signal is not interrupted in every update time.) Although the update interval time for the DG-4140 is 25 ms, for the DG-4320/4340 and the DG-5100 is shortened to 10 ms.


2. For the DG-4120/4240/4280 (discontinued)


The values of BCD output are updated, when the measurement values have been changed.



The BCD output function is interfaced to the internal counter, so the update timing is almost the same as the change timing of the counting value of the counter. The delayed time is around 20 µs.


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