Cable and connector for the DG-4000 series.

This is an explanation of the option for the DG-4000 series.


Product name Model name Remarks
Power cable AX-2050N 3m, for AC 100 V, crimp terminal -3P
BCD cable AA-8107 3m, one-side open
AA-8103 RQ-1410(Discon) for printer connection
AA-8101 For the DA-4130 DA converter connection
Terminal block cover DG-0420 For the DG-4240 and the DG-4280
Maintenance kit DG-0421 4 relays for replacement & attaching/detaching tool


Product name Model name Use Remarks
36 core connector
(for cable)
(DDK Ltd.)
For RQ-1410(Discon) For BCD signal
36 core connector
(for cable)
(Hirose electric co., ltd.)
For DG-4120/4140 4240/4280 and DA-4130 For BCD signal For soldering (DX36CV1 is necessary)
Plug cover for DX40-36P DX36CV1
(Hirose electric co., ltd.)
For DX40-36P Combined with the DX40-36P.


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