The AA-6100/6101 Air Lifter mounting method

The AA-6100/6101 Air Lifter is applicable only for the GS-1513, 1513A, 1530, 1530A, 1613, 1613A, 1630 and 1630A.


Applicable linear gauge

Air lifter model name Applicable linear gauge sensor
AA-6100 GS-1513A (discontinued), GS-1613A (discontinued), GS-1513 (discontinued), GS-1613 (discontinued)
AA-6101 GS-1513A (discontinued), GS-1613A (discontinued), GS-1530 (discontinues), GS-1630 (discontinued)

Air piping figure

The basic air piping method is as follows. Please prepare the parts by yourself apart from the AA-6100/6101.





Mounting Method

The mounting method of the air lifter to the GS sensor is as follows.



* Please be careful to the excessive tightening of the screw part when using the tool.
* Please use the glue to the screw part to prevent the screw from loosening.



1. Remove the cap of the Linear Gauge Sensor. Do not remove the O ring from inside of the cap and place it to the sensor side.

2. Screw in and fix the <(1) Mounter> to the screw part of the sensor where the cap is removed.

3. Screw the <(2) Pushing screw> into the air port hole (M5 Male screw) of the <(3) Air lifter> and push out the <(4) Joint pin>.

4. Push the spindle of the Linear Gauge Sensor to screw the <(4) Joint pin> into the screw (M2.5 Male screw) of the upper spindle area. You can screw it in with a finger, but recommend you to screw it in with the tool. Please be careful not to apply the glue too much to the <(4) Joint pin>, it may cause the error of the sensor movement.

5. Screw the <(3) Air lifter> into the screw part (M8 Male screw) of the <(1) Mounter>. Please be careful not to overtighten the air lifter, it may cause a worsening of the spindle movement.

6. Unscrew the <(2) Pushing screw (cap screw)> slowly.

7. Fix the accessory speed controller to the air port hole (M5 Female screw) of the <(3) Air lifter> .

8. After all the mounting method complete, the spindle of the Linear Gauge sensor will be in the shrinking condition. When an air is supplied from the speed controller, the spindle will be returned to the original length by the power of spring which is incorporated in the Linear Gauge Sensor. (The pushing pressure of the spindle is the same value as it is described in the brochure.)

Things to be aware of when operating

1. Air supplying condition


Please control the spindle movement velocity with the speed controller. When the velocity is too fast, the target measurement object will be damaged. Also, if the spindle velocity exceeds the maximum response specified for the GS sensor, the counter shows the error display. (Digital display will be flashed.)


Use the air filter to supply the clean air.


2. Other


To control the spindle returning velocity, mount the exhaust throttle valve (SSU4/made by Koganei Corporation) as close as possible to the speed controller.


Prevent the hole which is in the middle of the air lifter from water or oil splash. (Air lifter is not conformed to the IP64.)


If you use huge amount of glue to prevent the screw from loosening, it might occur a movement error caused by the invasion of the glue into the bearing. Please be careful with the quantity and place to apply the glue.


Because of the structure of the air cylinder, when you stop to use the gauge sensor for a long time or leave it in the cold environment, the response might goes bad after turning the electromagnetic valve ON. Moreover, when the sensor starts moving, there is a possibility that the spindle will be jump out or the velocity will become out of control, so please do the test operation before the measurement.




Movement range AA-6100 : 0 to 13 mm
AA-6101 : 0 to 30 mm
Using fluid Air
Using pressure 0.25 to 0.7 MPa
Guaranteed pressure resistance 0.9 MPa
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 ℃
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 ℃
Weight AA-6100 : 40 g
AA-6101 : 50 g

Including the speed controller

Life time 5 million times
Accessory Mounter, Speed Controller (AA4-M5B made by Koganei Corporation) and pushing screw



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