The protect key is not recognized after the software is newly installed in the CD-ROM.

Please reinstall the driver of the protect key by the following procedure.


1 Download the latest driver of the protect key (Sentinel Driver v7.5.8) from following address to any folder of your PC. The file name to be downloaded is [Sentinel System Driver Installer], and the file size is approx. 1.8 MB.

SafeNet. Sentinel Drivers download page (English)

• Sentinel Driver v7.5.8
(Windows Driver & Utilities Second line from the top of the Windows Driver & Utilities list)

2 Expand the downloaded file.
3 Remove the USB protect key from the PC
4 Execute the [Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.8.exe] which is in the expanded file.
Select [Complete] for the Setup Type and execute the installation.
When you select [Custom] for the Setup Type, install both of [Parallel Driver] and [USB System Driver].
When the maintenance menu (Modify, Repair or Remove) is displayed, select Remove to uninstall the driver and reinstall it after restart the PC.
5 After installation, restart the PC.
6 Attach the USB protect key and confirm that the key is recognized correctly.



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