If the recoding time is set as 2 GB or more, is the recoding stop at 2GB? Or the recording continued until the capacity of SD card becomes full?

When selects the recording time as data capacity of 2GB or more, recording file is closed at 2GB and open a new recording file to record remaining data. This process is continuously performed up to the capacity of the SD card becomes full. 

If the capacity of the SD card becomes full, an error display of [SD-CARD FULL] indicates and the continuous measurement stops. In this case, the last of the record file is recorded up to the data immediately before the measurement stops, and close the file. 



It takes a time to close the file under recording and open a new file, so the last data of the previous file and first data of the next file cannot be created as a continuous data. A data loss of approx. 10 seconds occurs.



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