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Digital Torque Meter

Overview of Torque Meter
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TH-5100 Digital Torque Meter
The TH-5100 Torque Meter is designed for the TH series Torque Detector. The use of the TH-5100 together with the TH series torque detector enables converting the detected phase difference signal into a torque value.
The rotation speed can also be measured and displayed from the signal detected by rotation detector which is attached to the torque detector (option).

Installing the TH-0510 (option) enables calculation and display of the output value (W) by using measured torque and rotation speed. Available analog voltage output, BCD output and RS-232C output, useful for data recording and data processing.

The response speed of the TH-5100 is improved up to 0.16 ms when the TH-0511 High-speed analog output function (option) is installed. The compact and space-saving design makes it easy to incorporate a measurement control device.



  • The settings of the detector are automatically loaded by connecting signal cable.

  • High-speed analog output updated every 50 µs

  • Up to 50 m of signal cable can be used between torque detector and torque meter without matching.

  • Applicable to CE marking and FCC(CE:EN61010-1、EN61326-1 FCC:Part 15B)


Specification of the TH-5100 Torque Meter

Torque input section Input signal Output signal from the TH series torque detector(*1)
Rotation speed input section Input signal Output signal from the MP-981, MD-0100 series
Input frequency 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Power requirement 12 V ± 0.6 VDC, 100 mA max.
Applicable connector R03-PB6M (TAJIMI ELECTROMICS CO.,LTD)
Display unit Display device LED 7-segment
Display item Torque, rotation speed
Status display:Measurement ready (READY), torque signal input, rotation signal input
Display range Torque:-99999 to 99999
Rotation speed:0 to 99999
Update time of display/output 1 s/10 s/external gate (TRIG IN signal)
Display unit Torque:N•m、mN•m (Available by using the supplied unit seal.)
Rotation speed:r/min
Display accuracy of torque ±0.1%/F.S. ±1 count(average of values per second) or ±0.2%/F.S. ±1 count(average of values per second)
*depending on the detector connected.
Display accuracy of rotation speed ± 0.02%/F.S. ± 1 count<input frequency 10 Hz or more>
(1-second average value)
Analog output section Number of channels 2 ch
Output item Torque, rotation speed
Output format Voltage output (Common is shared between 2 channels.)
Output voltage ±10 V
Time constant Torque:selectable from 500 ms/63 ms/16 ms/1.6 ms
Rotation speed:0.16 ms
Temperature drift ±0.01%/F.S./°C
Update time 50 µs
Applicable connector CO2 type (BNC) plug
BCD output Number of channels 2 ch
Output items Torque, rotation speed
Output update time 1 s/10 s/external gate (TRIG IN signal)
Output format Positive logic open collector
Applicable connector DX40-50P (HIROSE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD)
RS-232C Baud rate 9600 bps (fixed)
Function Input of setup conditions, output of value display/setup status
Applicable cable AX-5022 (made by Ono Sokki, 2 m )
Remote function Input item Trigger input/clear input/torque polarity change
Output item Trigger output/READY output (ready to measure signal)
Input format No-voltage contact input or logic input
Output format No-voltage contact output
General specification Power requirement 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 25 VA or less (100 VAC)
Isolation resistance 500 VDC at megohm, 10 MΩ or more
Withstand voltage 1500 VAC one minute
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 °C
Outer dimensions 76 (W) × 142 (H) × 302 (D) mm excluding protruded section
Weight Approx. 2 kg
Accessories Unit label, connector for remote, four rubber pads, power cable, (1.9 m) ,instruction
(*1) The modification is necessary when you connect the TH-5100 to the TH-3000 series already you have. Please contact your nearest distributor for more details.



TH-0510 POWER calculation display function

Calculation Power (W) = 2π/60 x torque (Nm) x rotation speed (r/min)

Selective display

Rotation (fixed), torque or power (selectable)

Display range -99999 to 99999
Unit W, kW, mW (available to stick a unit label)
Accuracy Torque display accuracy + rotation speed display accuracy
output Output can be selected from torque or power output in both analog output and BCD output
Time constant Depending on the torque setup


TH-0511 High-speed analog output function

Overview The TH-0511 improves the response ability and the filter function of the TH-5100. The time constant of analog output can be selected up to 0.16 ms (additional three choices: 0.16/0.4/0.8).

It makes it possible to measure torque ripple in high-speed rotation and see the relation of input current and output torque of the motor. The new digital low-pass filter enables extraction of torque fluctuation signals accurately, which makes damping rotation torsional resonance of a sensor and an object so much. The frequency of the filter setup is selectable from 50 Hz to 5 kHz (five choices: 50/100/500/1k/5k) depending on your application.

This optional function can make a measurement of rotating speed closer to the actual status and greatly helps improvement of motor performance and efficiency in R&D, or delivery inspection.

Specification The followings are added to the setting menu of analog output time constant.
  • Output time constant: 0.16/0.4/0.8 [ms]
  • Digital low pass filter: 50/100/500/1k/5k [Hz]

Frequency analysis of cogging torque of a DC brushless motor (12 poles) in 200 to 3000 r/min (The time constant: 0.16 ms)

Revised: 2013/04/01

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