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RP-5610D series

Overview of Rotary Encolder
Outer Dimensions (PDF)

Water-proof type

  • The water-proof design is provided with a magnetic coupling and partition wall. (IPX7 applicable)

  • With using stainless-steel case and bearing, the rust-proof and corrosion-proof structure is achieved.

  • ”Noise immunity” circuit prevents power noise and erroneous signal generation caused by small vibrations.

Standard number of output pulse (P/R)

60 100 200 300 360 500 600

Electrical Specification (*:option)

Output waveform 2-phase square wave + “zero mark” (*Timing can be selectable.)
Output voltage Hi:10 V or more, Lo:0.5 V or less
Output type Totem pole output, load resistance 470 Ω min or more.
*Open collector output 40 VDC, 50mA or less
Adjacent error ±1/50 P
Power supply 12 VDC ±5% 100 mA
Response frequency 50 kHz
Connection method

Directly attached cable 5 m (one end open)

Blue Brown White Yellow Red Black Green
Sig 1 Common Sig 2 Sig Z +12V 0V Case
Common and 0V are shared inside of the RP.


Mechanical Specification

Maximum rotational speed 3000 r/min
Allowable angular acceleration 400 rad/s2 (output signal delay ±0.5°or less)
Maximum allowable load Radial 80 N, Thrust 50 N
Starting torque 80 mN・m
Moment of inertia 255 g・cm2
Weight 3 kg


General Specification

Operating temperature 0 to + 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 to + 70 °C
Humidity 100 % with no condensation
Standard IPX7 (0.5 h at a depth of 1 m)
Vibration 49 m/s2 (2h each in X,Y and Z direction)
Shock 980 m/s2 (3 times each in X, Y and Z directions, 98 m/s2 in the axial direction)

Revised: 2012/09/03

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