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Digital Gauge Counter

DeviceNet compatible counter

Overview of Digital Linear Gauge
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The DG-4160 multi-functioned digital gauge counter is highly compatible with PLC incorporating a DeviceNet communication capability.

Direct connection to DeviceNet allows great cost reduction in design, installation and maintenance.

Compact DIN 72 x 72 sized digital gauge counter provides various calculation functions as standard such as color comparator, Max/Min/Range measurement, Offset, Factor.


What is ?

The DeviceNet is an open field network which enables easy connection with various control devices including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), sensors and actuators. Use of the DeviceNet enables not only to reduce cost for wiring and maintenance due to reduced wiring length, but also to enable connection of DeviceNet compatible devices of various manufacturers. The result is expanded range or device selection thus enabling the building of comfortable and further economical systems.

DeviceNet is controlled by Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA)



  • communication capable

Direct connection makes good use of advantages of DeviceNet such as cost reductions of wirings, startup man-hours and maintenance. Moreover, all functions the DG-4160 has can be controlled from PLC via DeviceNet.


  • Equipped with external input terminals for Reset, Hold, PeakHold-ON and Comp-ON.

Main control signal can be input from terminal block to design flexible system.

  • Color comparator display

Comparison result monitoring changes of colors on the backlit of LCD (OK:green / NG:red) Other indicator is not required.

  • Providing calculation functions for MAX, MIN, RANGE, OFFSET and FACTOR.

Wide variety of calculation functions is available to meet various measurement requirements.

  • DIN 72×72 compact size



Counter section
Display method LED, 5-digit for numeric and 1 digit for polarity (-)
Display range 0.000 to ±99.999 or 0.00 to ±999.99 (mm)
Applicable sensor GS/BS series linear gauge sensor (excluding HS-3412/3425)
Input signal 90-degree phase difference (Rectangular)
Frequency range

DC to 300 kHz (Ono Sokki’s sensor in use)

  1 μm sensor in use:1.2 m/s
10 μm sensor in use:12 m/s

*Frequency range described above is capacity of the DG-4160.
It can have some restriction depending on specifications of sensor.

Minimum unit 1 μm or 10 μm selectable
Measurement items Counter value, maximum value, minimum value, maximum amplitude value
Other functions Offset, Factor
External control signal input PeakHold ON/OFF, Hold input, Reset (Offset) input, comparator ON/OFF
DeviceNet section
Communication method DeviceNet communication
Communication capability Master/Slave connection: Remote I/O capability
I/O size 6 byte for both IN/OUT
Communication speed 500 k, 250 k, 125k bps (automatically following to speeds of the master)
Control function All functions of the DG-4160
Comparator section
Number of setup stages 2-stage(Lower, Upper)
Output conditions Flag changes on DeviceNet
Comparison result monitoring changes of colors on the backlit of LCD. (OK=green, NG=red)
General specifications
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 °C
Operating humidity range 95% RH max (with no condensation)
Power requirement 12 to 24 VDC  (voltage fluctuation rate: ±10%),
Exclusive AC adapter (sold separately)
Power consumption 0.6 A max at 12 VDC
Outer dimensions 72 (W) × 72 (H) × 122 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 300 g
Accessories Panel mounting fixture, connector (plug) for DeviceNet
  • Exclusive AC adapter: S-8459 (LK15F12, manufactured by Kaga Component)
  • Power supply unit for terminal block: S82K-00724 (manufactured by OMRON)

 EDS file download

This [EDS] file is a description of device information which is required when you program to control the DG-4160 by PLC. Please uncompress a zip file after download to use.

Revised: 2012/04/26


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