This product is discontinued / Replaced by CT-6520B Universal Engine Tachometer (Click here)
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Replaced by CT-6520B Universal Engine Tachometer

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Universal Engine Tachometer

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Photo (CT-6520 Universal Engine Tachometer)

The CT-6520 Universal Engine Tachometer allows to select a plenty of revolution detectors according to measurement conditions such as location of detector, type of an engine and so on. Featuring multiplier circuit, it can make measurement time reduced, on the other hand, enabling improve measurement accuracy. Measurement data can be output through analog, digital or pulse output. In addition, Two of preset setup of r/min are available for data comparison and alarm function.



  • A variety of engine revolution detector can be available in combination, for 2/4-cycle engines having from 1 to 8 cylinders.

  • Number of input pulses per revolution can be set in the range from 0.5 to 199.5 P/R in 0.5 P/R step

  • Three type of outputs; analog, digital and pulse

  • 2 way of power operation ; AC (ranging 100 to 240VAC) and 12VDC (ranging 11to 15VDC)

  • 2 of preset setup for "Run Judge" and "Overrun"


Specifications Summary

Input Section Applicable Detector (option) Ignition pulse detectors (IP-292/IP-296/IP-3000)
Magnetic detectors (OM-200/MP-910/MP-981)
Magneto vibration detector (VP-201/202)
Opto-fiber sensor (LG-916/930)
Measuring Range 400 to 20,000 r/min (depending on a detector)
Input Pulse Switching 0.5 to 199.5 P/R (in 0.5 P/R steps, depending on a detector)
Trigger Level IP-292/296/3000
Settable using a dial-type potentiometer
Others Internally adjusted and fixed
Display Section Type 5-digit green LED display (max indication up to 20000 r/min)
Measurement Time Every 1s
Time Base Quartz oscillator
Frequency : 16MHz ±3x 10-5
Display Accuracy ±0.02% of F.S ±1 digit in the range of 400 to 20000 r/min
Alarm Section Setting By thum-wheel switches
Range Overrun : 1 to 199 x 100 r/min
Running Detection : 1 to 99 x 100 r/min
Comparison Interval Every 100ms
Output Transfer contact
Capacity : non-inductive load
AC240V 2A, DC30V 2A
Analog Output Voltage Output 0 to 10V/0 to 20,000 r/min.
load resistance : 1 Ω min.
Current Output 0 to 20mA/0 to 20,000 r/min
load resistance : 100kΩ max.
Note; The voltage output is eliminated when the current output is provided.
Linearity ±0.5% / full-scale max.
Output Adjustment Range ±4% / full-scale max. (zero)
±4% / full-scale max. (span)
Response Time 80ms / 10% to 90% level
Digital Output Format BCD, TTL level, fanout : 2
(receptacle connector type : 57-40500)
Pulse Output Format 1 P/R 60 P/R (un-synced to the input signal)
and wave-shaped output of the input signal
TTL level, fanout : 2
Power Requirement 100 to 240VAC ±10%, approx. 30W
11 to 15VDC, approx. 25W
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +40°C
Weight approx. 3kg


Applicable Detectors

Photo (IP-292 Ignition Pulse Detector)

IP-292/296 Ignition Pulse Detector

By clamping it around the ignition coil cable, it can detect the spark signal of ignition systems.

IP-292 : for primary side detection
IP-296 : for high-voltage detection

Photo (VP-201 Magneto Vibration Detector)

VP-201/202 Magneto Vibration Detector

Detecting vibrations caused by the reciprocating up-and-down movement of an engine's piston


Photo (IP-3000 Ignition Pulse Detector)

IP-3000 Ignition Pulse Detector

Used by clamping it around the ignition coil cable or the current cable of electronic distributor, detecting the spark signal of ignition systems.
Much compact and light weight than IP-292 / IP-296.

Photo (MP-910 & MP-981 Detectors)

MP-910 Magnetic Detector
MP-981 Electro-magnetic Detector

Detecting generated signal, which is having a frequency proportional to revolution.
Located close to a detection gear mounted on a rotating shaft.


 Photo (OM-200 Electro-magnetic Detector)

OM-200 Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector

Detecting the leakage flux from the magneto rotating shaft of an engine.

Photo (LG-916 & LG-930 Opto-fiber Sensor)

LG-916/930  Opto-fiber Sensor

Detecting reflecting light from a reflection mark attached on a rotating part of an engine.
Those sensors include the light source, the light receiver and the amplifier in one body.

Revised: 2008/04/30

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