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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Thickness measurement of silicon wafer
dimension D-2-2 Thickness measurement of curved material such as silicon wafer with high accuracy


  • This example shows how to measure the thickness of curved plate material including silicon wafer with high accuracy. Specialized stand is used to prevent an influence of curve, which is designed to have convex lens where the measurement tip is hit, and four pins around the lens in order to hold up the curved plate material stably. Adjusting to fit the center of measurement tip for GS-3813 gauge sensor and convex lens, the thickness can be measured with less influence of curve.
  • The second processing including statistical processing can be performed by transferring the measured data to PC via RS-232C interface.


  Model Product name
1 GS-3813 Linear gauge sensor
2 DG-5100 Digital gauge counter
3 AX-5022A RS-232C cable


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