Voltage output (THR, AC and DC)

The VC-2100 has three kinds of voltage outputs such as THR, AC and DC, and they are outputted at the same time. The THR and AC outputs are used as analysis signal including FFT Analyzer, and the DC output is used as output for recording device.


Voltage output

Rear panel terminal block

Output voltage


No.10 : +
No.11 : COM

The input signal has been amplified by the magnification of [THR GAIN] which is displayed on the COND MONI menu screen and outputted. The magnification of [THR GAIN] is automatically setup by the value of input range and SENS sensitivity and cannot be changed to arbitrary value.
(The signal output did not pass the band pass.)

<Example)>When the use of the accelerometer of 5 mV/ms-2 ; When the menu displays ×1 or ×5, the voltage outputs in the following ratio.

THR output= 5 mV/ms-2 (when the menu displays ×1)
THR output= 25 mV/ms-2 (when the menu displays ×5)
 Maximum output voltage ±5 V


No.14 : +
No.15 : COM

Select one band from A, B (or C). Outputs the AC signal which is limited by the selected band.

Outputs the ± full scale value of bar indicator as ±100%(=±5 V). Maximum output voltage ±5 V


No.12 : +
No.13 : COM

Output DC signal after that the AC signal which is limited by the displayed band (A, B or C) is processed the effective value conversion.

Outputs 0 to full scale value of bar indicator as 0 to +100%(=0 to +5 V). Maximum output voltage +5 V

When the VC-0253 Current Output option is installed, the current signal is outputted from the [DC] terminal. 0 to 5 V are converted to 4 mA to 20 mA and outputs as a current.



Checking the gain of the THR output


Press the menu key and open the CONDITTION SET menu. Use the ∧ or ∨ key to move the cursor to select 8: MONI (highlighted) and then press the ENT key to open the COND MONI menu.


Check the magnification which is displayed on the next to 1: THR GAIN.




THR, AC and DC output terminal



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