How to obtain the sound level value from the DC output voltage

Upper limit of dB value (shown in bar indicator): UPPER_dB

Upper limit of output voltage value (shown in bar indicator): UPPER_V

dB change rate per 1V: FACTOR (dB/V)

Output voltage: When it is DC;

Sound level (dB) = FACTOR x (DC-UPPER_V) + UPPER_dB



Upper limit level range display value: UPPER_dB = 90 dB

Output voltage of upper limit level range: UPPER_V = 2.5 V

dB change rate when 10 dB is 0.25 V FACTOR = 40 dB


When DC output voltage is 1.0 V;

Sound level (dB) = 40 x (1.0 – 2.5) + 90 = 30 dB



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