Capacity and types of SD card

The capacity of maximum 1 GB SD card can be used on the unit.
When you want to use the optional function, we recommend you to use high speed type SD card.


Driving error might be occurred depending on the SD card. Please use the following recommended SD cards which operations have been confirmed. Error has been confirmed in the use of 2 GB SD card, so do not use it.


Recommended SD card <High speed type, operation has been confirmed> (as of June 12th, 2013)

Model name Manufacturer Capacity Speed
(Industrial model)
Transcend 1 GB 80 x speed (12 MByte/s)

* This is industrial model (Standardized product for industry), so it cannot be purchased in general PC shop or electronics retail store. When you want to buy this, please contact to trading company deals with Transcend products or send us an e-mail. (overseas@ONO SOKKI.cojp)


The followings are discontinued models, but still in distribution as of July, 2008.


Discontinued SD card <Standard type, operation have been confirmed.>

Model name Manufacturer Capacity Speed
HPC-SD32T Hagiwara Sys-Com 32 MByte 2 MByte/s
RP-SD064BL1A Panasonic 64 Mbyte 2 MByte/s
SD-NA064MT TOSHIBA 64 MByte 2 MByte/s


Discontinued SD card <High speed type, operation have been confirmed>

Model name Manufacturer Capacity Speed

(Industrial model)

Transcend 1 GB 12 MByte/s
RP-SDP01GJ1K Panasonic 1 GB Class 4
RP-SDM01GL1A Panasonic 1 GB Class 4
RP-SDV512L1A Panasonic 512 MB Class 6
RP-SDR512L1A Panasonic 512 MB Class 2
RP-SDH256N1A Panasonic 256 MByte 10 MByte/s
RP-SDR512J1A Panasonic 512MByte 5 MByte/s
RP-SDR01GJ1A Panasonic 1 GByte 5 MByte/s
HPC-SD512M2 Hagiwara Sys-Com 512 MByte 20 MByte/s
RSDC-G1G Buffalo 1 GByte 20 MByte/s



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