How to change the setting when the sound recording is not available.
 Memory Mode cannot be changed to “Record”
 Recording is not available even when the Memory mode is selected as “Record”

1. Setting of Operate Mode


Please note that if the Operate Mode is set as [Quad], [RTA1/1], [RTA1/3], [FFT], or [Loudness], the Memory Mode setting cannot be changed.
Change the Operate Mode to [Single], [Dual], [Filter1/1] or [Filter1/3] and switch the setting of Memory Mode.


2. Setting of the number of storage bits and Level range


When the number of bit in sound recording is set as 16-bit, the recording cannot be store in wide range mode. Please change the level range to normal range mode.
If you want to store the data in wide range mode, change the number of bit in sound recoding to 24-bit. REC24 is displayed while recording.


3. Time setting


When the measurement time is set as 0 second, recording cannot be operated.
When the Memory Mode is set to AT/REC, recording is available only when the measurement time is set to 10 seconds or more.

When the Interval Time is set, please set the measurement time 30 seconds longer than the interval time. The recording cannot be performed without this setting.



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