Is it possible to use the USB as the external memory for the LA-1400/4400 series Sound Level Meter? (Same as the LA-5500 )

The LA-1400/4400 series Sound Level Meter does not support the USB storage class, so the USB memory cannot be used as an external memory.


The USB specification of the LA-1400/4400 series is described in the operation manual as "Communication device class/ Printer class". This is the RS-232C communication method by using the USB hard called "Virtual COM port connection". According to this, the programming is necessary as it for the RS-232C connection. (Even at the PC side, the COM port can be seen as connected.)



LA-1410/1440/4440 USB specification


USB interface USB specification USB 2.0 FULL SPEED
Connector MiniAB
Applicable class Communication device class/ Printer class
USB serial number 1 to 16, Used only in the communication device class.


In opposition to this, the USB specification of the LA-2560/5560/5570 is "Storage class".



LA-2560/5560/5570 USB specification

Interface USB 1.1 standard
Data rate 12 Mbps FULL SPEED
Connector MinB
Device class Storage class
Applicable cable USB A connector male – USB minB connector (5 pin) cable

When the device class is storage class, mass storage class or USB mass storage class, the USB can be used as an external hard disc.



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