Name and function of panel switch

Panel switch mode

There are three modes in the panel switch of the LA-1240/1250/1350/4350, such as primary, secondary, and power-ON.



·Primary mode (Function 1 switches)

This is mode for general panel switch operation. The function name is shown with black characters at the center of the panel switch.

·Secondary mode (Function 2 switches)

The secondary mode function is activated during 2nd indicator appears on the LCD screen after pressing the panel switch [2nd]. The function name is shown with blue characters at the top of the panel switch.

·Power-ON mode (Compound switches)

Power-ON mode is activated when you press the related panel switch while turning ON the power switch. The function name is shown with gray characters at the lower part of the panel key.

It is called "Setting switch" which changes a selection item and setting numerical value, and confirms setting condition.



Generally with the panel switches, continuously pressing them increase or decrease the setting values. However, some of them activates another function, so please be careful with the switch operation.



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