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Rotary Encoder
RP-8524L (Built-in Type)
Outer Dimensions (PDF)

Photo (RP-8524L Rotary Endoder)

This encoder was developed mainly for mounting on servomotors. The rotation axis is inserted in a mating axis as the penetration axis for high space efficiency, and the encoder features a structure which withstands severe motion at high temperature and has highly noise resistant signal circuits. The built-in type encoder has long been supplied for servomotors but it is also suitable for incorporating in machines because it takes up little space.

Specifications Summary

Output waveform Incremental two-phase square wave
+ Origin output
Output type Line driver output (equivalent to 26LS31)
Response frequency 200 kHz
Power supply 5VDC ± 5%, 180mA
Number of output pulses
200, 360, 600, 1000, 1200, 2000P/R (option: 2500,3000P/R)
Maximum revolution 6000 r/min.
Allowable shaft load Radial: 30N, Thrust: 15N
Operating temperature -5 to +85°C
Vibration resistance*1 196 m/s2
Impact resistance*2 1960 m/s2
Outer dimensions 60 mm dia. x 32 mm
Penetration axis diameter: 8 mm

*1: 2.5hrs in each directions
*2: 3 times in each directions, 98m/s2 in the axial direction

Revised: 2010/08/02

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