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Low-torque High-resolution type

  • Compact, flat design and low cost with high performance

  • High response and long distance transmission

  • Easy-to-use output signal connector.
    Large seized MS connector method for signal output connection (cannon plug)

  • Line driver output enables long distance transmission.

  • 2-phase square waveform + “zero mark”

  • ”Noise immunity“ circuit prevents power noise and erroneous signal generation caused by small vibrations.

Standard number of output pulse (P/R)

1000 2000 2500

Option number of output pulse (P/R)

500 1200


Electrical Specification

Output waveform 2-phase square wave + “zero mark” (Timing is selectable. *6 phases of balanced output for each phase)
Output voltage Hi: 2.5 V or more, Lo: 0.5 V or less
Output type Line driver, equivalent to 26LS31
Adjacent error ±1/20 P
Power supply 5 VDC ±5% 200mA
Response frequency 100 kHz
Connection method

Connector (cable side:MS3106A18-1S, cramp side: MS3057-10A)
*Recommended cable: R8


Mechanical Specification

Maximum rotational speed 5000 r/min
Maximum allowable load Radial 20 N, Thrust 10 N
Starting torque 3 mN・m
Moment of inertia 24 g・cm2
Weight 0.25 kg


General Specification

Operating temperature -5 to + 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 to + 80 °C
Humidity 90 % (40 °C / 8h) with no condensation
Vibration 49 m/s2 (2h each in X,Y and Z direction)
Shock 490 m/s2 (3 times each in X, Y and Z directions, 98 m/s2 in the axial direction)

Revised: 2011/10/03

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