Time-axis preprocessing

This function performs arithmetic processing such as a filter on the time waveform after AD conversion. No need a filter amplifier separately.

Digital filtering LPF,HPF,BPF
Absolute value  
Time axis calculus 1st derivative, 2nd derivative
Single integral, double integral
DC removal before integration  

Data Settings (Analysis Mode Only)

A variety of editing functions are included for time series data, such as correction, cutting out, and position adjustment.

Signal correction Calibration for the reference signal
Level adjustment Level is adjusted to a desired level.
Time series position alignment The position of each piece of data can be aligned by setting a trigger for the reference signal.

Trigger function

It has a variety of useful functions using a trigger signal when the recording/measurement start and stop. The time monitor and the time waveform for one-shot of FFT analysis are displayed as a setting screen, and allowing for simple trigger setting.

Source [Measurement] Internal, external, level
[Analysis] Recorded time series data
Mode Repeat,OneShot
Operation Start, stop
Start & stop
Other functions Double-hammer cancel
Undo averaging
Prerecording function
Data can be acquired using the trigger function during recording.

Time Series Calculation (Analysis Mode Only)

This function is used when performing operations on time series data.

Re-sampling Acquired time series data can be changed to a desired sampling frequency.
Pulse converter Revolution pulse signal can be converted to revolution speed.
Event counter Search conditions can be output to count data.
Moving average Moving average processing can be performed for the desired averaging count.
Time axis calculus 1st derivative, 2nd derivative
Single integral, double integral
DC removal before integration
Unit conversion
Effective value calculation The effective value of time-series data can be output.
Frequency weighting correction
Setting of time constant
Setting of output time interval
Hilbert transformation Instantaneous amplitude, instantaneous phase, instantaneous frequency
Frequency weighting correction A-weighting, C-weighting
Vibration level horizontal characteristics Vh
Vibration level vertical characteristics Vv
Calculation between time series items Calculation between item data can be performed.