The DS-5000 series Data Station is a unit expandable type measurement system. You can design a measurement system according to your application and purpose by adding various units such as input, signal output, and battery unit etc. to the DS-5100 main unit.

Model Product name Remarks
DS-5100 Main Unit With touch panel LCD, headphone terminal
DS-0501 Battery Unit Approx.4-hour operation (when DS-5100 with DS-0526 used.)
DS-0523 3ch 40 kHz Input Unit  
DS-0526 6ch 40 kHz Input Unit Inputs for two tri-axial accelerometers can be connected in one unit. The layout of 6 connectors in a row helps simple and understandable measurement.
DS-0532 2ch 100 kHz Input Unit  
DS-0534 4ch 100 kHz Input Unit  
DS-0542 2ch External input Unit  
DS-0543 2ch External input & 1ch Signal output unit Three-in-one unit including a trigger, rotation input , and signal output functions.
DS-0544 4ch External input Unit  
DS-0545 2ch Signal output Unit