There are 3 types of license selection. Please select according to your purpose or operation environment.

O-Solution License type

License Standalone Network (Keyless) USB Key (for a fee)
Sales type Permanent license Subscription* Permanent license
Trial version Available Not available Not available

* Subscription services are only available in Japan.



License is authenticated to a specific PC.

· Node-locked licensing method
· The license can only be used on an authenticated PC.
· It can also be used in an environment without network
· You may transfer the license to another PC by revoking it.

'One PC, One License



Licenses are managed on the server PC. You can use it on multiple PCs, up to the number of authorized licenses.

· Floating licensing method
· Authenticate the license to the server PC and distribute the licenses to multiple clients (users).
· It can also be used in an environment without network by activating commuter license.

Server PC (e.g. 3 licenses)

3.USB key


License is managed by a USB license key.

· Authenticate with USB license key and license file.
· You may use it on another PC by just inserting the USB license key.