The hardware to hardware connection is an effective way to build the multi-channel measurement system. Up to five units can be connected. You can design the system according to your application.

Example 1

When multiple channels for measurement analysis are unexpectedly required, connecting multiple units of DS-5000, which is usually arranged for each laboratory, enables to build the multi-channel measurement analysis system.

    Effective when,

  • you want to increase the measurement efficiency with multiple channels
  • you want to perform measurements different from your usual work
  • you need simultaneous multi-channel system to measure transient phenomena

Example 2

The sound and vibration generated when closing a door is a transient phenomenon and cannot be reproduced. When simultaneous measurement of transient phenomena is required in such case, the hardware to hardware connection is effective. You can design up to 240 channels of measurement system by connecting up to 5 unis. (48 channels per unit)

Model Product name Qty
DS-5100 Main Unit 5
DS-0526 6 ch 40 kHz Input Unit 8x5
OS-5100 Platform 1
OS-0522 FFT Analysis Function 1
OS-0512 Hardware Connecting Function 8x5