Chassis dynamometer

Chassis dynamometer for vehicle


•Space saving type which uses worldwide standard of φ48-inch roller and dynamometer.

•Gas emission test, durability test, performance test, and environmental test to various vehicles (motorcycle, vehicle, EV, HEV) are supported.

•Adopted FAMS-R5 system for vehicle chassis dynamometer

•Improved reproducibility of test result by vehicle restraint method with high workability.

•Components necessary for emission test are included, such as vehicle restraint device, engine cooling fan,

    centering device, roller lock device, and drivers display.

•Application software necessary for emission test is installed, such as road resistance setting software, and drivers aid.

Measurement system

System Configuration

Example of specification *Please contact near your distributor or sales office nearby when the vehicle type or mechanical completion type, etc. are required according to you demands.

Target vehicle Vehicle type FF,FR



1,219.2 mm (48inch)
2,300 mm (650 mm-1,000 mm-650 mm)


Continuous constant


Vibration method

Torque detector

AC dynamometer
Absorption)150 kW/100 to 200 km/h
Drive)110 kW/100 to 200 km/h
Hydraulic floating method

High accuracy load cell
Inertia compensation

Equivalent inertia compensation range
Mechanical fixing inertia

Electrical inertia range

All electrical inertia range
454 to 2,721 kg (1,000 to 6,000 lbs.)
1,361 kg (3,000 lbs.)

-907 to +1,360 kg


Drivers display

•With measurement screen, drivers aid screen switching function

•Displaying each measurement data on the measurement screen helps
   driving operation so that a driver can check the driving status.



Robot for automatic driving operation (for endurance test)

•Acceleration, clutch and brake pedal,
   transmission (shaft selection), and ignition key operations

•Only three minutes to install the actuator to the test vehicle
   due to small and lightweight body.

•Automatic positioning recognition function to identify
   the relative position between a test vehicle and an each actuator.


Vehicle restraint device (Semi-automatic)

•Not required special modification to a test vehicle.

•Restraining is available to any type of test vehicles.

•Mode operation can be safely performed.

•Reproducibility of the test result is obtained easily.

•Anyone can restrain in a short time.

Automatic calibration device

•Dynamo torque calibration can be done automatically
   with remote control

Engine cooling fan

•Vehicle speed tracking type engine cooling device

•Types used: Centrifugal fan, axial fan

•Back and forth movement method:
  Manual or electroactuation

Measurement data

Mode operation Vehicle speed/ DAD directive speed
Display example (OS-2000)

Emission test supported

Complies with gas emission test method in each country.
U.S.A.   : EPA
Europe : WLTP
China   : GB
India    : BS
Japan   : TRIAS




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