• O-Solutin DS-5000

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    Leading Technology to the Future Automobile Development


In the development of future automobile,
such as the electrification of vehicles and the development of functions for automatic driving,
understanding and verifying the phenomenon in not only real but also virtual have been required.

We will contribute to the development of future automobile through "Measurement, Find, Link"
technology to provide reliable measurement with a wide range of products and services.

New Sound/Vibration Analysis System

Electric vehicles and automatic driving becoming widespread, the sound environment surrounding vehicles has changed significantly.
Our new sound vibration analysis system helps to create a more comfortable and relaxing space with highly accurate measurement and analysis.

Measurement equipment supporting automobile development

With the electrification of vehicles, higher response and higher accuracy measurement have been required than ever before.
Our Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter,
Torque Detector and Fuel Flow Meter visualize the behavior of various objects and support development for electrification.