ATV Chassis



Supports various performance tests and evaluation tests for ATV (2-W and 4-W) including emission test.


Measurement/control panel

Flexible Automatic Measuring System-Release 5

Product information

Flexible Automatic Measuring System-Release 5 provides a variety of testing systems to suit advanced tests flexibly such as EV/HEV test by utilizing the simulation, measurement technologies, control technologies and know-how that have cultivated through FAMS-8000.

·Flexibly supports EV/HEV tests

·Control unit and measurement unit can be located separately.

·Direct sensor input to a measurement unit without convertor

·In-house production of model calculation unit allows easy maintenance and constructive system


-FAMS High-Speed Link-
By connecting 2.5 Gbps cable, data sharing and synchronism are enabled by using shared-memory.

-FAMS MCU (Model-based Control Unit)- 
Control model with MATLAB®/Simulink® can be executed in real time.
Breaking the functions down into more manageable enables high speed processing.



Drivers Display

Drivers display

·Screen switching function: measurement screen or drivers aid screen

·Supports a driver by letting he/her know various measurement data to check the driving conditions.

Drivers aid

·Drivers aid supports driving operations through displaying target speed patterns and target gear shift timing graphically.

Engine Cooling Fan

·Vehicle speed following engine cooling system

·Applicable fan type:Centrifugal fan, axial flow fan etc.

·Can be adjusted setup position depending on wheel base and front wheel holding unit.




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