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Engine(Power Train) Test System

Automobile measurement system is advancing together with the automotive technology

Exhaust gas control, further reduction of fuel consumption, safety improvement etc...constant challenge to make safety and eco-friendly vehicle is being continued.
Along with that, vehicle testing conditions and systems have also become sophisticated and complicated.
Ono Sokki provides a variety of testing systems centering on software that is flexibly correspond to suit advanced tests, including engine durability test, emission test, and fuel consumption test.
A part of our systems are introduced on this page.


Test type
·Performance·endurance test
·Emission test
·Fuel consumption test
·ECU optimized test

Test vehicle
·Gasoline engine
· Diesel engine
· Engine for construction machinery
· Engine for farm machinery
· Engine for general purpose
· Marine engine
· Off-road engine

Supports worldwide laws and regulations; Japan, Europe, USA and ISO etc.




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