Engine Test System:High precision Fuel Flow Meter



This system measures fuel consumption of an engine operated in steady state with high accuracy.

·0.02 to 100L/h and 5000:1 wide range measurement (H type) 

·Keep the temperature change of the circulation flow passage in the device within ±0.1℃ (variation per 1 minutes) to provide stable measurement.

·Causes of error are reduced by pipe arrangement which minimizes air bubbles to enter the system.

·Resolution has been improved by using an encoder with 1200P/R (Ten times of number of pulses to the existing model.)



FM-2500A Digital Flow Meter


This is a fuel flow meter for the FP, FX, FZ series detectors. An exclusive measurement module for each detector is installed to the slot of the FM-2500A main unit.

Main unit:
 FM-2500A(3 slots)

Measurement modules:
  FX-0400A(For FX series detector)
  FZ-0300A(For FZ series detector)
  DF-0400A(For DF series detector)
  FM-0210A ( For addition/subtraction of two detectors)

FM-2500 流量演算表示器

FZ series Mass Flow Detector


The FZ series flow detector uses the principle of the Coriolis force which is generated when the movement of a mass and rotation occur simultaneously. It is capable of high-accuracy, continuous measurement of mass flow.

FZ series is ideal for applications such as measuring the amount of fuel consumption in mode tests, and fuel consumption behavior when the speed is accelerated or decelerated.



FZ-2100 連続質量流量計

·Continuous measurement without being affected by temperature, pressure, or density.

·High measurement accuracy (up to a ratio of 40:1 within ±0.1 % of reading accuracy)

·Density measurement enabled.

·The case is provided with each detector which is capable of purging internal air.

FP series Volumetric Flow Detector


Volumetric flow detector using piston

Selectable measurement range;

● 0.06 to 60 L/h
● 0.3 to 120 L/h
● 1 to 1440 L/h

FZ-2100 連続質量流量計

·Wide measurement range from minute flow to high flow thanks to a flow rate ratio of 1:400 or more.

·Capable of compensating for error caused by pulsating or backflow by means of a function for judging the direction of rotation.  

·High reproducibility and high-speed response result in superb reliability

·Simultaneous measurement of temperature and pressure as well as flow rate(FP-2240HA·2250A)

FX series Gravity Flow Detector (Mass Burette type)


The FX-1100 series takes the position of the fluid surface inside the burette as the head pressure using the differential pressure detector attached at the bottom and directly measures the flow of fluid as a mass based on changes in this pressure. Ideal for engine performance test because it does not need to consider the density variation caused by temperature, and measurement can be performed from near-zero flow rates.


·Wide measurement range, high precision

·Built-in air purging function to counteract the mixing in air bubbles

·Alarm function against overflows and low fluid levels

·Density corrections due to changes in the temperature are no longer required.

·Possible to use pressure to feed flow using the air release port as an option.



FX-1100 series Gravity Flow Detector




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