Vibration-rotation excitation bench




·Reproducing rotation-vibration excitation operation suitable for vibration test of gear, endurance test of engine accessory
·Rotation-vibration excitation operation equivalent to engine vibration excitation

1 Reproducing rotation speed fluctuation, torque fluctuation
2 Simulation of engine explosion fluctuation
3 Simulation of waveform in engine starting


·More environmentally friendly compared to the engine bench

1 No need for fuel system facility
2 No need for exhaust gas treatment
3 No need for taking fire prevention measures


·Adding simulation function using DSP improves control performance (MATLAB® / Simulink® is used.)


Torque Meter

High-stiffness Torque Detector TQ-2000 series

Product information

TQ-2000 series is a torque detector with high-stiffness and high-response for measuring the torque variation of an engine or a power train applied to the shaft. Because of a very high flexural rigidity and high torsional rigidity, fluctuating torque is accurately measured. As the detector is flange type without bearing, it can be connected to a rotating shaft directly. The slim and space-saving design enables easy mounting.


·High flexural rigidity and high torsional rigidity

·High accuracy at ±0.05 %/F.S

·Easy maintenance by non-contact detection

·High speed rotation measurement up to 22,000 r/min
  (200/500 N·m)(25,000 r/min: option)

·Thin and compact, space-saving design




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