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Drive Train Test System

Automobile measurement system is advancing together with the automotive technology

To transmit the output from an engine or a motor to a tire with high efficiency, performance improvement for element of respective driving system is required. We provide various measurement methods depending on objects, such as a single piece of gear and assembled system as well as a simulation bench using vehicle model.

Test type
·Meshing gear transmission error
·Torsional vibration
·Gear noise
·Gear meshing
·Tooth contact analysis
·Axially crossing angle(misalignment)
·Performance/endurance test for each transmission

Test object
· Transfer
· Differetial assembly
· Hypoid Gear
· planetary gear
· Helical gear
· Spur gear (parallel gear)
· Worm Wheel Gear
· Drive shaft
· FF
· FR
· 4WD




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